Twitter Updates for 2011-04-05

  • Did Couch to 5K #2 today. 3,461 steps or something like that. Still need to map it to see, but i know it wasn't as far as Sat. #
  • That's ok, though, bc the 2nd/3rd days are always the hardest IMO. #
  • Bkfst: large homemade fruit smoothy #
  • Lunch: Blackened Catfish, diet coke, fried okra, few bites of jacked up grits, several hush puppies, coleslaw #
  • at lunch discussed resume/letter with rob. need to post tonight when i get home. stressed about getting the job, etc. #
  • So freaking sore! I know exercise is supposed to help fibromyalgia, but right now it's really just making me hurt….BAD! #
  • The ABCs of Weight Loss! – #
  • The Monthly Project: April! It is Spring! So that means…. – #
  • Getting Started with Running – via @Shareaholic #
  • Healing Foods%3A+Not+Your+Ordinary+Smoothies: #
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